Taking the Lead to Prevent Workplace Sexual Harassment

This is a follow up to my blog post dated July 12, 2018. We have recently launched a new sexual harassment training for all leaders within our footprint. Our training is delivered in person as part of leadership orientation (we call FLO), as well as multiple locations to ensure that all leaders receive this training.

The training focuses on education with regards to the different types of harassment while also focusing on the duty to act that our leaders have in regards to fostering a workplace free of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Our training is interactive, allowing leaders a safe environment to discuss scenarios they may encounter in the workplace. Situational videos compliment our Human Resources’ led training, along with educational materials.

If any of our associates sees something or hears something that might be considered sexual harassment in the workplace, I urge them to say something about it. Our associates have several options to report concerns in the workplace: their direct supervisors, a leader in their chain of command, Human Resources and/or our Compliance Hotline (866-215-4363). In these situations, every one of us has a duty to act. We are committed to a workplace free of harassment. #NOTus