One5 Foundation Honors America’s Heroes

Sportsmen for Heroes | Dan Tasset


One5 Foundation is an organization that is centered around 5 goals; to heal the underprivileged to a functional and healthy state of mind, body, and soul, to educate local communities on the impoverished population, to equip individuals with the means to thrive independently, to build up the integrity and confidence of those in need, and to empower individuals to care for themselves and others. They are partnered with other non-profits, specifically Sportsmen for Heroes Foundation, to reach and serve those in need, and additionally providing them with an incredible outdoor experience.

Focusing on the goal of building the integrity and confidence of those in need, One5 Foundation, in collaboration with the Sportsman for Heroes Foundation, planned a 5-day hunting trip for three lucky veterans.

Through a nomination process within ValueHealth, three veterans were chosen to embark on a hunting trip to Ruidoso, New Mexico. Michael A. Parks (Utah) a Navy veteran, Roger Rector (North Carolina) an Army veteran, and Stephen J. Cooper (Missouri) a Marine veteran, got word in February that they were chosen to go on a once in a lifetime hunting trip in mid-October.

The experience that the three veterans had did not fall short of an “experience of a lifetime.” They stayed in a cabin in the mountains of New Mexico overlooking the breathtaking scenic views of Ruidoso. Each morning they went out to hunt elk with Sonny Tapia as a guide, founder of Sportsman for Heroes. They would come back mid-afternoon to rest up, soak in the view, and prepare for the next hunt in the evening.

It was a black powder elk hunt, which means it was a bit more challenging than a typical hunt. The hunters have to get close to the target, and the veterans were in complete control of the shot. These two aspects made it a bit harder to connect with targets, and although no successful shots were made, the experience surpassed amazing.

Through this trip, the veterans were able to be recognized and be given a reward for their sacrifice, selfless choices, and love for their country. They were able to build their own integrity and confidence, through the generosity of Sonny Tapia at the Sportsman for Heroes Foundation and Dan Tasset at One5 Foundation.

Too often we take for granted how lucky we are as Americans. We are lucky to have been born in the United States and been given freedoms and opportunities many other people aren’t born with. We are lucky to have brothers and sisters that are willing to fight for our freedom as a country. For this we thank our veterans and active military personnel. We recognize and appreciate their dedication to the United States. Through this trip, we were able to transform our gratitude to a concrete experience for these veterans. It is our duty to Honor America’s Heroes each and every day.