Nueterra Capital Founded by Dan Tasset

One of 11 children, Dan Tasset decided early on in life that he would take responsibility for creating his own wealth and designing a life where work was the pursuit of a larger purpose. Formulating a personal investment strategy led to the development of a venture capital firm that could apply the same purpose-driven approach to financial investments on a larger scale. Leaving his previous career as an accountant, Dan started to study different industries, and in healthcare, he saw not only enormous growth potential but also the opportunity to shape the future of the industry.

Venture capital firm Nueterra Capital invests in early and growth-stage healthcare companies. Founded by Dan Tasset in 1997, Nueterra Capital has invested exclusively in healthcare since 2002. The firm’s mission is rooted in equipping entrepreneurs in the healthcare arena with the capital, resources and expertise to help drive industry change.

Nueterra Capital has invested in more than 100 companies, including:

  • ValueHealth, a technology enabled, data-driven healthcare services company with a surgical digital platform that accelerates the transition from fee-for-service to value-based surgical care
  • NueHealth, a global network of physicians and facilities that is dedicated to transforming healthcare around the world
  • Muve Health, a focused collection of surgical and recovery services, including single-fee total joint replacement
  • Healthcare Re, an innovative approach to alternative risk financing that identifies and manages the total cost of a provider’s risk, then builds a custom and cost-effective reinsurance solution to meet their unique needs
  • Benefit Management, a progressive third-party administrator (TPA) empowering employers, associations, providers and payors with targeted coverage and tailored contracting services
  • Astoria Healthcare Properties, a national real estate firm that ensures all client properties are beautifully designed, soundly constructed and efficiently managed
  • IVX Health, a rapidly growing provider of low-cost, consumer-centric infusion centers
  • Casetabs, an intuitive central coordination hub that delivers real-time case information and updates to facility staff, physician office staff, physicians, and vendor reps
  • HealthJoy, an all-in-one cost containment and guidance platform that helps employees make better healthcare decisions
  • Spinal Simplicity, a medical device company focused providing minimally invasive spinal and orthopedic tools that significantly improve patient outcomes
  • kēlaHealth, a software platform that combines predictive algorithms with high-impact interventions to reduce surgical complications
  • Healium, the world’s first virtual and augmented reality channel powered by brainwaves and heart rate
  • WellBrain, a B2B2C SaaS model that enables physicians and hospital systems to use evidence-based non-opiate modalities such as mindfulness
  • MedZero, an employee benefit providing instant 0% loans for families throughout the U.S. who are struggling to pay their healthcare bills
  • Spoke Health, a technology platform that helps healthcare organizations deploy and scale new care and payment models to tackle high-cost care episodes
  • BrainCheck, tablet and web-based cognitive diagnostic aids to physicians and health systems
  • TheraWe Connect, a HIPAA compliant platform that bridges the gap between the therapy center and the home
  • Epharmix, patient engagement and monitoring tools to identify patients whose health is worsening in the community
  • Moving Analytics, an evidence-based, structured, digital cardiac rehab program
  • Sickweather, a patented social listening technology detects illness trends in real-time at a hyper-local level, in over 120 countries
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