Dan Tasset speaking from the podium

NueHealth, a privately held organization specializing in clinically integrated provider networks (IPNs), custom benefit and bundled payment programs, and healthcare facility development and management, announced this week the official closing on its flagship network. NueHealth Greater Philadelphia is an integrated provider network (IPN) that aligns more than 850 providers and connects them to healthcare consumers across the Philadelphia region, providing value-based payment options and improved outcomes alongside an improved model for healthcare delivery.

The goal of NueHealth is to create a simpler, more streamlined approach to healthcare delivery. By aligning surgeons, physicians and other medical service providers into IPNs, they are able to operate more sustainable practices and focus entirely on the delivery of quality care. At the same time, consumers—specifically employers, payors and patients—are able to take advantage of transparent care, affordable costs and specialty programs and services available only through the IPN.

According to Dan Tasset, NueHealth chairman, “We’re in the industry trenches, leading physicians toward value-based payment models, partnering with large health systems and teaching consumers how to take up the reigns of healthcare.”

NueHealth Greater Philadelphia represents a partnership between NueHealth and Integrated Physician Associates, a multi-specialty independent physician association that recently welcomed more than 850 provider members, all based in Philadelphia. Members of the newly formed IPA/NueHealth Greater Philadelphia include some of the region’s best known and most respected physicians, and the network itself will give Philadelphia-area employers and patients greater control over their healthcare choices and personal health management, while simultaneously delivering the bundled payment options and customized benefit plans that are a hallmark of NueHealth.

“Participation in a network like NueHealth Greater Philadelphia is really the best way to maintain a sustainable presence in today’s changing healthcare climate, whether you’re a physician, a patient, an employer or even a payor,” said Tom Eicke, CEO, NueHealth Greater Philadelphia. “It changes the way providers engage the patient population and assists them in transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based payment models.”

According to Stuart Brilliant, M.D., chairman, NueHealth Greater Philadelphia, “Healthcare change is coming like a freight train, but this is a real entity affecting real change in the market. This network will allow our physicians to maintain their autonomy, provide better quality care and increase patient volumes through the use of new sophisticated technology made available through our partnership with NueHealth.” The integration of key technologies will give physicians access to real time data that decreases duplicate testing, decreases radiation exposure and helps drive down healthcare costs and premiums for patients in the region.

Currently, NueHealth is working with U.S. employers to take advantage of opportunities available in networks like Greater Philadelphia. Employers can then provide tailored healthcare services to their employee populations at significantly reduced rates by working with NueHealth partners, all of whom will participate in bundled pricing plans and offer special contract rates to clients coming through the network.

“The development of the NueHealth Greater Philadelphia IPN will provide the employers and marketplace we serve with greater access to improved outcomes and lower cost and shift towards comprehensive care,” said Joe Miralles, vice president, NueHealth Greater Philadelphia.

About NueHealth
NueHealth is building a nationwide system of clinically integrated provider networks that puts healthcare into the hands of consumers. With a vast network of purpose-driven surgical centers and hospitals, NueHealth connects providers directly to consumers and aids them in delivering value-based payment options and improved outcomes. To deliver this improved value, NueHealth leverages proprietary technologies, online platforms, bundled payments and targeted programs and services. NueHealth gives providers and payors the tools and resources to stay ahead of healthcare’s continued evolution, while giving employers, insurance companies and patients access to a simplified model and affordable, high-quality, streamlined care.

About NueHealth Greater Philadelphia
NueHealth Greater Philadelphia is a regional integrated provider network that gives employers and patients more control over healthcare choices and cost management with bundled payment options and customized benefits plans.Our network includes more than 850 highly-regarded physicians across a variety of specialties in some of the most recognized hospitals and facilities in the region, including: The Rothman Institute, Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia, ENT and Allergy Specialists, Bryn Mawr Medical Specialist Association and United Anesthesia Services PC.