Taking Time to Tailgate

Dan Tasset | Taking Time to Tailgate

If I told you that it was good for business to tailgate, you’d probably think you misheard me.

But that’s exactly what we did at NueHealth a couple of weeks ago. To celebrate the beginning of college football season, we invited our employees to a Friday afternoon tailgate party, complete with burgers, hot dogs, and cornhole games. The weather was beautiful, and everyone wore t-shirts from their favorite college teams, leading to some good-natured team competition – including in my own family!

Dan Tasset | College Tailgate

With my sons Brandon (left) and Travis (right).


Why did we do this? Because it’s fun. Because our employees are our most valuable asset, and being able to connect with them in an informal setting is my privilege. Because as a company, we value relationships and teamwork. What better way to experience both than by coming together over college football?

You can see more photos from the event on the NueHealth Facebook page.