Solventas Surgical Alliance

Dan Tasset founded Solventas out of his desire to help other be more, do more, and love more. After studying areas of human need across the globe, Dan determined that the most underserved area was healthcare. Specifically, no single organization had created a good business model to provide life-saving surgery to underserved populations. He was particularly struck by a report showing that more people were dying from the lack of basic surgical services than from HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined, and knew that he could help meet that need.

Solventas Surgical Alliance offers physicians the financial solvency and self-sufficiency to build their own independent practice where they can serve those in need today, tomorrow and decades from now. Unlike other charitable models based solely on volunteerism, Solventas uses a cooperative economic model to promote sustainability. Local physicians are provided with funding and assistance to build or acquire a surgical facility and obtain equipment. They are also provided with the teaching, training, and rotation of surgeons so that the facility — and the local economy — can grow. This model ensures that surgical providers are positioned for success and growth, instead of working until they exhaust their savings before leaving the community for a better opportunity.  This model also encourages the providers and the facility to be integral to the growth of the surrounding community and its economy. We refer to this model as “capitalism with a conscience.”

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