NueHealth, a privately owned U.S. company that connects providers to consumers through clinically integrated provider networks, along with Nueterra Capital, a private equity and advisory firm investing in companies that seek to advance healthcare and the private equity owner of NueHealth, are expanding their domestic footprint with new offices in the nation’s unofficial healthcare capital. The Nashville, Tenn., offices for both companies are located at 30 Burton Hills Blvd., in the Green Hills area of the city, and pave the way for improved relations with the healthcare companies, industry leaders and potential investors based there.

“Nashville is an incredible place for both of these companies to take new root and expand their efforts for healthcare consumers and value-based quality care,” said Dan Tasset, CEO and chairman, NueHealth, and chairman, Nueterra Capital. “With more than 400 strong healthcare companies and a business atmosphere that welcomes entrepreneurial vision like ours, this city will help us take healthcare forward in new and innovative ways.”

NueHealth is focused on serving healthcare’s consumer population of employers, insurance companies and patients, providing them direct access to clinically integrated provider networks via custom benefit and bundled payment programsand proprietary technologies that connect providers and consumers. According to Tasset, Nashville’s host of provider networks, physician practices, leading medical facilities and joint ventures will play easily into NueHealth’s mission and represent unique partnership opportunities.

“This city is dominated by some of the brightest minds in healthcare, and I believe that by engaging the right partners here, we can elevate healthcare across the board and make it the streamlined, transparent, quality-driven machine that it should be,” said Tasset.

Meanwhile, private equity firm Nueterra Capitalinvests in companieswhose programs and services aim to improve all aspects of healthcare and its delivery. The company’s specific investment focus includes service companies, provider based businesses, technology, insurance and real estate, all with a strict healthcare focus. In addition Nueterra Capital also offers back office support services, including human resources, marketing, accounting and legal, to ensure efficient and successful performance within its portfolio companies.

“We’re excited to make people aware of Nueterra Capital’s dedicated presence in Nashville and to start introducing ourselves to the city’s diverse healthcare investment community,” said Kevin Standefer, managing director, Nueterra Capital. “This will be a tremendous opportunity for us to align with a great many companies that naturally grow from this city’s incredible healthcare eco-system.”

Though Nashville’s recognition as America’s healthcare capital is unofficial, there is strong evidence to support its position. With almost 400 individual healthcare companies boasting operations in the city, this single industry can be credited with more than 250,000 local jobs and an economic impact of almost $40 billion. Additionally, with a rich history of venture capital investments in local healthcare companies, the CEOs and leaders of companies like NueHealth and Nueterra Capital consider it a boon to their ongoing performance to have offices in the Nashville landscape.

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About NueHealth
NueHealth is building a nationwide system of clinically integrated provider networks that puts healthcare into the hands of consumers. With a quality network of purpose-driven surgical centers and hospitals, NueHealth connects providers directly to consumers and aids them in delivering value-based payment options and improved outcomes. To deliver this improved value, NueHealth leverages proprietary technologies, online platforms, bundled payments and targeted programs and services. NueHealth gives providers and payors the tools and resources to stay ahead of healthcare’s continued evolution, while giving employers, insurance companies and patients access to a simplified model and affordable, high-quality, streamlined care.

About Nueterra Capital
Nueterra Capital is a private equity investment and advisory firm with an exclusive focus on healthcare. Leveraging a deep understanding of key industry drivers, Nueterra Capital invests in entrepreneurs with innovative minds, while providing professional expertise and back office resources to improve their bottom line performance and drive growth. Nueterra Capital has invested in hundreds of new ventures and continuously delivers the resources and strategic direction that allow our partners to advance and improve every aspect of healthcare.